• Welcome! I'm Suzanne. I'm so glad you stopped by and decided to explore Roots and Wings For Kids.

    My name is Suzanne Ramponi and I am a Certified Enrichment Coach for kids, Certified Life Coach for women and most importantly a parent! I have a passion and strong desire to empower kids to use their own unique strengths, increase their self-esteem and self-confidence while building resiliency. Roots and Wings for Kids is an extension of my Life Coaching business for woman, Your Soul Discovery, that has the same mission: To empower and help people to live a happy and successful life!

  • Have you ever wondered why some kids soar and others just drift?

  • Do you struggle to help your children feel good about themselves even when things can’t go their way?

  • Does your child have a fear of failing?

  • Imagine if your child was taught how to develop powerful self-esteem, strong self-confidence and was prepared to navigate life’s up and downs with resilience. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Imagine how this would bring you and your child inner peace.

  • What Is WISDOM Coaching?

Portrait of two boys embracing and laughing hard outdoors

Life coaching has been typically aimed at adults for personal development but kids need just as much guidance at an early age to become leaders of their own lives. During those critical years between  6-10 we have a real opportunity to teach kids a growth mindset.  The roots we give our children always starts at home and I’m so happy you took this step to see how my programs could be used in tandem to what’s already happening at home.  Coaching takes it a step further and goes beyond the traditional parenting role of moral and character development. As a certified WISDOM™ coach, I use the power of fun and engaging stories,that kids can understand, to teach them powerful mindset skills from the Adventures of Wisdom Life Coaching Program. ™ Through our work as Wisdom coaches, kids learn how to use the power of their thoughts and their minds to create happiness, confidence, and success in their own lives.

Through WISDOM Coaching, kids can learn:

Woman speaking to children in classroom
Happy young boy giving thumbs up sign. Smiling child showing thumbs up. Successful boy in casual showing thumbs up gesture and looking at camera.
Little child girl plays astronaut. Child on the background of sunset sky. Child in an astronaut costume plays and dreams of becoming a spaceman.
  • How to recognize and shift limiting beliefs that hurt self esteem and hold them back in life


  • How to proactively create a supportive belief that will support them in feeling good about themselves, believing in themselves and in creating a happy fulfilling life.
  • How to think for themselves and make good decisions which will ultimately boost self-esteem.


  • How to develop their inner compass and learn how to stand up to peer pressure - a critical skill to learn in these ever-changing times.
  • How to believe in themselves even after facing disappointment so that they can move through their upset and their fear and create courage and self confidence. Kids will learn how to live their life with intention so that they don’t drift through life.

There are 5 parts to the program that teach 27 powerful mindset skills that help them listen to their hearts, be happy and confident and be all they can be.

Mind Power- MindPower™ Module

W – Wire your mind for happiness, confidence and success in life
Children learn how their mind works, and how belief systems are shaping their experiences. They gain critical knowledge about how to build belief systems based on possibility.

InnerPower™ Module

I – Identify who you want to be and what you want for your life
Children learn how to think for themselves and to make good decisions as these can affect their life. This helps them learn how to stand up to peer pressure and develop their own compass.

MePower™ Module

S – See your inner superstar and shine
Children learn how to develop strong self-esteem and self-confidence from the inside out so that they are their own best friends and their self-worth stays strong when things don’t go their way

DreamPower™ Module

D – Dream big, live with purpose, and make it happen
Children learn how to create a vision for their life and how to use goals setting so they live life with intention, versus drifting through life without purpose.

SlayingDragons™ Module

OM – Overcome obstacles and Manage the ups and downs of growing
Children learn to build resilience, to handle tough situations such as anxiety, fears, and changes and to manage mistakes and disappointments, so they don’t beat themselves up or give up on their dreams.

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