What is life coaching for kids?

Life coaching is about supporting our kids in living their best life! Just like a baseball coach helps kids develop skills, confidence, and ability to thrive in baseball; a life coach helps kids develop the skills, confidence, and ability to thrive in life.

What do kids get from Life Coaching?

Through these amazing programs, kids will develop:

  • Self confidence
  • Soaring Self esteem
  • Increased motivation
  • Better relationships with peers, siblings and family
  • Better understanding of themselves
  • Useful techniques for managing emotions such as fear, worry, anxiety
  • Increased level of understanding of self respect and self responsibility
  • Learn how to manage mistakes, overcome fear and move past failure

My goal is to also deliver these programs in a way that’s fun, comfortable, and in a relaxed environment.

Isn’t that the parent’s job?

People often confuse parenting and “life coaching for kids”. Life coaching goes beyond the traditional parenting roles of moral and character development and it goes beyond learning how to treat others and learning how to behave.

WISDOM Coaching is all about teaching kids empowerment skills and personal development skills so they can become self-leaders of their own lives. Think of it as leadership training for kids. What we teach most grownups haven’t learned.

My child doesn’t have a problem…is life coaching for him?

Life coaching isn’t just for kids who are facing challenges or problems.  Helping kids learn how to reach their fullest potential is about personal development and personal empowerment so that they will be ready to face any challenge that comes their way.  Second, kids don’t have a problem….until they do.  Life coaching gives kids the skills that they need to handle challenges and to handle problems when they do come their way. And the best part is they can use these skills for the rest of their lives.

How is life coaching different from counseling?

Although life coaching and counseling may have similarities, such as asking the important questions, listening, and finding patterns in people's lives, they are not the same thing.

In many ways counseling is about resolving or managing issues from the past, whereas life coaching is about creating the future and helping clients achieve the ultimate vision they have for their lives.

What is Social Emotional Learning and why is it important?

“Social Emotional Learning (SEL) refers to the process of integrating thinking, feeling, and behaving in order to become aware of the self and of others, make responsible decisions, and manage one’s own behaviors and those of others.” ( Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence) Research has shown that kids who learn how to do this, have better results in school, increased attention span, better relationships, and reduced anxiety and depression. By helping children develop their own emotional intelligence, this will increase their individual success and well-being.

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